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0457 0457_t.jpgtitle: Old Cross Stitch Sampler
description: Old Cross Stitch Sampler, roses, old wood frame, 16"h., 13"w.
1 6515 10.00   ended
0655 0655_t.jpgtitle:Mola Needle Point Artwork of Parrots
description: Mola Needle Point Artwork of Parrots, red, burlap framed, 20"h., 24"w.
3 4576 20.00   ended
0786 0786_t.jpgtitle: Three Needle Point Samplers
description: Three Needle Point Samplers, Home Sweet Home, Welcome to the Thorntons, Alphabet Sampler.
1 3124 5.00   ended
0889 0889_t.jpgtitle: Five Assorted Artwork
description: Gold Bless Our Home needle point, dog and girl print, botanical print, lady portrait print, teddy bear needle point.
1 4803 5.00   ended
0932 0932_t.jpgtitle: My Little Girl Needle Point and Contentment Needle Point
description: My Little Girl Needle Point, Brown's frame, 21"h., 13"w. and Contentment Needle Point
1067 1067_t.jpgtitle: Little Girl and Bird Needle Points
description: Signed Needle point Little Girl 1984, Robin and Blue Jay, framed, 9"h., 8"w.
1 6515 5.00   ended
1290 1290_t.jpgtitle: Needle Point Welcome Sampler, Vintage Wall Mirror, and Decorative Clock
description: Needle Point Welcome Sampler 13"h., 16"w., Vintage Wall Mirror, and Decorative Clock
1 6515 5.00   ended
1300 1300_t.jpgtitle: Welcome Needle Point Framed and Two Small Birds Prints
description: Welcome Needle Point Framed 18"h., 12"w. and Two Small Birds Prints
1 5495 5.00   ended
1321 1321_t.jpgtitle: Tablecloth Madeiral Portugal Filet Lace & Blue Cutwork Ca. 1930's
description: Tablecloth Madeiral Portugal Filet Lace & Blue Cutwork Ca. 1930's, some repair, 74" x 92".
7 4855 25.00   ended

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