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1 0001_t.jpg
Title:Furnival "Quail" China
Made in England. 39 pieces chip on one saucer, salad plate, dessert plates, saucers, and cups..
7 4922 50.00   ended
2 0002_t.jpg
Title:Pair of Lenox "Belvidere" Cup and Saucer
Made in USA good condition no chips
3 1041 7.00   ended
3 0003_t.jpg
Title:Crystal Stems with Bamboo etching, various sizes
42 stems, no chips
6 6158 22.00   ended
4 0004_t.jpg
Title:Pair of MepocoWare Canisters, Serving Tray with Floral Pattern Silver Overlay and a Rose Pattern Saucer
Mepoco Ware made in Germany
4 2828 10.00   ended
5 0005_t.jpg
Title:Pair of William Yeoward "Corinne" pattern Barrel Tumblers, Three Crystal Wine Glasses and Four Etched Glass Cordial Stems
No Chips
3 3613 7.00   ended
6 0006_t.jpg
Title:Set of 10 Olive Green with Swirl Pattern Stems
No Chips
1 5532 5.00   ended
7 0007_t.jpg
Title:Various Size Gold Banded Stems
22 pieces, no chips
8 5737 22.50   ended
8 0008_t.jpg
Title:Lynmore "Golden Rose" China
34 pieces, dinner plates, dessert plates, serving bowls, creamer, sugar, cups, no chips
9 2828 50.00   ended
9 0009_t.jpg
Title:Etched Glass Crystal Stemware and Bowls. Some pieces are Rosepointe.
35 pieces, no chips
5 4033 17.50   ended
10 0010_t.jpg
Title:Pink and White Ruffled Edge Glass Vase, Royal Bonn Floral Pattern Biscuit Jar, Bradford Exchange Lena Lin Collector Plate, Five Pink pressed glass Coasters, Wedgewood Floral Pitcher and two vases
11 pieces
6 4290 22.00   ended
11 0011_t.jpg
Title:Pair of Noritake "Bluedawn" China Bowls, Lenox "Eternal" Bone China (8 pieces), Etched Glass Vase and a small Glass Candle Holder
no chips
7 2828 20.00   ended
12 0012_t.jpg
Title:Floral Pattern Best English China
24 pieces, no chips
2 1041 6.00   ended
13 0013_t.jpg
Title:Pair of Capodimonte Ashtrays
Made in Italy, no chips
4 5737 8.00   ended
14 0014_t.jpg
Title:Crystal Bowl with White House Emblem
Crystal Bowl with the White House Emblem etched in bottom, no chips
6 4297 22.25   ended
15 0015_t.jpg
Title:Various Glassware
Currier & Ives "The Old Gristmill" by Royal, 3 plates and 1 tray no chips, Occupied Japan Saucer, Japanese Ware brass bottom banded bowl, Bristol floral basket compote, White handled bowl and floral saucer
7 6385 17.50   ended
16 0016_t.jpg
Title:Theodore Haviland "Verenne" pattern China, Floral pattern Cheese Tray
Haviland China, 6 saucers and 4 bread plates
4 2828 10.00   ended
17 0017_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Hummel Style Figurine, Floral pattern separated dish, Gold Metal Carriage, Amber sniffing glass, Floral pattern Cheese Tray
4 5858 12.50   ended
18 0018_t.jpg
Title:Group of Tea Cups with Saucers
Royal Windsor Tea Cup, Royal Chelsea Tea Cup, Haviland Limoges Tea Cup and 8 Demataisse Cups with one missing saucer, no chips. One bowl is a Vintage Takahashi.
13 2828 25.00   ended
19 0019_t.jpg
Title:Group of Porcelain Items
Two Vases, Two Salt and Pepper Shakers, Creamer, two Bowls, Plate and Shaving Mug. Shaving Mug stamped D.E. McNicol, East Liverpool
2 1041 5.00   ended
20 0020_t.jpg
Title:Group of Pottery
Two Pottery Vases, Pottery Pitcher, Two Pottery Plates and a Oriental Finial
2 1041 5.00   ended
21 0021_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Ducks Unlimited Vase, Floral Pattern Candle Holder, Porcelain Hat Pin Holder, Pair of Floral Bowls, Bird Print Saucer and a small Tea set cup & Saucer
5 1041 12.50   ended
22 0022_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Large Floral Pattern Porcelain Platter, Five Lavender Color Glasses, Etched Glass Bowl and a Tray
4 4033 10.00   ended
23 0023_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Bavarian Floral Pattern Plate with hanging rack, Six floral saucers, Four Haviland "Verenne Pattern" Saucers, Green pressed glass creamer and four small bowls
3 1041 7.00   ended
24 0024_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Three Crystal Dinner Bells, Crystal Sugar Dish, Pair of Brandy Glasses, Small Crystal Ashtray, Hat Vase, Small Brass Duck and a Hanging Ornament
6 3613 12.50   ended
25 0025_t.jpg
Title:Large Cut Glass Punch Bowl and an Empire Silver Co Pewter Pitcher
No chips
14 3430 155.00   ended
26 0026_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Set of Gorham Crystal Coasters, Small Bohemian Crystal Vase, Six Silverplate and Crystal Coasters , Crystal Vase and a Crystal Candle Globe.
4 1149 8.00   ended
27 0027_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Bavarian Floral Pattern Dish with Cover, Dresdan Reticulated Bowl, Gold Tone Nut Cracker, Blue Tea Pot and a Small Sugar Dish with Saucers
3 1041 7.00   ended
28 0028_t.jpg
Title:Group of Vases
Tall Wedgewood Vase, Floral Vase and a Ruffled Edge Glass Basket
6 4290 22.00   ended
29 0029_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Sheridan Silver Tone Photo Album, Silver Mesh Coin Purse, Pair of Silverplate Salts with Cobalt Liners, Two small Oriental Bowls, Set of three "Salem" silver tone goblets, Green Cigar Case and 3 in 1 Spoon
3 1041 7.00   ended
30 0030_t.jpg
Title:Lenox Cosmopolitan Collection Cups
Set of Eight Cosmopolitan Collection Cups by Lenox
31 0031_t.jpg
Group of ten Vintage Broaches
8 4033 17.50   ended
32 0032_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Green Pressed Glass Tray with Six Glasses, Four Green Glasses embossed with Floral Design, Two Green Stems with Clear Base and Two Hand painted Martini Glasses
3 6085 9.00   ended
33 0033_t.jpg
Title:Group of Glassware
Twelve Stems of Waterford Crystal, various sizes, Four Fostoria Wine Glasses and a crystal Shot glass
12 3613 82.00   ended
34 0034_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Four Porcelain Shaving Mugs, two with brushes, Pink Depression Glass Dinner Bell missing bell, Two Candle Holders with Match Seat and a pair of Ruby Red Stems
9 4290 49.00   ended
35 0035_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Set of Four Frosted Glass Salad Plates, Two Avon Frosted Glass Stems, Scalloped Edge Pewter Bowl, Silverplate Napkin Holder, Clear Glass Snowman and a Glazed Shaving Mug
4 1041 9.00   ended
36 0036_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Ten piece set of Blue Willow Dinnerware, Small Pressed Glass Compote, Badash Crystal Pitcher Pressed Glass Banana Boat and a Glass Bowl
5 1149 12.50   ended
37 0037_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Sixteen Piece Set of Metlox Dinnerware (chips on two saucers), Three Rosewood Cups and a Creamer, Pottery Cups, Bowl and Pitcher (missing lid) signed Burton
2 1041 5.00   ended
38 0038_t.jpg
Title:Gorham Tea Set
Three Piece Gorham Silver Plate Tea Set
8 3430 24.50   ended
39 0039_t.jpg
Title:Silver Plate Items
Two Silver Plate Pitchers and a Silver Plate Creamer
6 3430 18.50   ended
40 0040_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Crock stamped "2", Knox United States Naval Reserve Hat, Metal Jack with one broken side and a Blow Torch
7 6089 12.50   ended
41 0041_t.jpg
Title:Vintage Games
Group of Vintage Games including Mr. Potato Head, Give a Show Projector, Yahtzee and Astro Launch. Some game pieces may be missing.
10 5968 50.00   ended
42 0042_t.jpg
Violin in Case and a Very Fine Violin Case
16 4714 87.00   ended
43 0043_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Sportsmans Utility Case, Belkin WiFi Router, Dell Battery Module Rechargeable Battery, Two Wood Boxes and Four Bicentennial Tribute Coins with Cases from World Book.
6 1149 12.50   ended
44 0044_t.jpg
Title:Group of Camera Items
Olympus C-700 Digital Camera with case (appears to be new), Vivatar Wide Angle Lens with Macro, Selfie Stick, Colored Lenses with Case, Sigma High Power Zoom Lens, RCA Proview Recorder and a Minolta Auto Focus Lens
11 6064 150.00   ended
45 0045_t.jpg
Title:Mark Twain Books and Commemorative Coins
Partial Set of Mark Twain "Following the Equator" Books and 81 Commemorative Coins displaying Historical Events
13 3430 76.30   ended
46 0046_t.jpg
Title:Silver Plate Items
Silver Plate Pitcher, Bowl, Compote, Brushes, Combs and a Budvase
8 1149 15.01   ended
47 0047_t.jpg
Title:Group of Vintage Handbags
Four Vintage beaded Handbags
4 2835 8.54   ended
48 0048_t.jpg
Title:Vintage Evening Bags
Group of Five Vintage Evening Bags, brown and cream tones. Includes Saks 5th Avenue, 1930's CZECH and made in Belgium for The Broadway Store.
3 6398 8.00   ended
51 0051_t.jpg
Title:Vintage Evening Bags
Group of Five Vintage Evening Bags, cream and black tones
8 6085 21.00   ended
52 0052_t.jpg
Title:Vintage Evening Bags
Group of Four Vintage Evening Bags, white, black and Brown tones
3 6085 7.00   ended
53 0053_t.jpg
Title:Group of Dolls
Life like Boy Doll in Chair, Porcelain Boy Doll in Green Suit and Matching Hat and a Porcelain School Girl Doll
5 1149 17.50   ended
54 0054_t.jpg
Title:Group of Dolls
Porcelain Girl Doll in Yellow Dress, Porcelain Baby Doll in Blue Gown with Matching Slippers and a Sleeping Baby Doll
4 5212 12.00   ended
55 0055_t.jpg
Title:Group of Dolls
Porcelain Girl Doll with Plaid Dress, Porcelain Doll with Ringlets and a Porcelain Doll with a Ruffled Dress
3 5212 13.49   ended
56 0056_t.jpg
Title:Vintage Radios
General Electric Radio, Channel Master Radio, RCA Victor Radio and a Magnavox Radio plus more.
12 1078 60.00   ended
57 0057_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Columbia Twin Speaker Record Player, Vintage Gossen Exposure Meter Dual Sixon, Partial set of Mark Twain Books and Ten View Master Disks
9 6434 17.51   ended
58 0058_t.jpg
Title:Porcelain Dolls
Mann Brand Porcelain Doll with Rose Color Dress and Certificate of Authenticity, Porcelain Doll with Gold Tone Dress and Matching Hat, Porcelain Doll with Brown Floral Dress and a Porcelain Baby Doll with Bed
7 1149 17.50   ended
59 0059_t.jpg
Title:Fur Collars
Group of Six Fur Collars, various colors and sizes
9 4766 40.00   ended
60 0060_t.jpg
Title:Fur Collars
Group of Four Fur Collars, various colors and sizes and a Fur Hat
9 4766 40.00   ended
61 0061_t.jpg
Title:Fur Collars
Group of Seven Fur Collars, various colors and sizes
9 4766 40.00   ended

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