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25 0025_t.jpg
Title:Large Cut Glass Punch Bowl and an Empire Silver Co Pewter Pitcher
No chips
14 3430 155.00   ended
43 0043_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Sportsmans Utility Case, Belkin WiFi Router, Dell Battery Module Rechargeable Battery, Two Wood Boxes and Four Bicentennial Tribute Coins with Cases from World Book.
6 1149 12.50   ended
44 0044_t.jpg
Title:Group of Camera Items
Olympus C-700 Digital Camera with case (appears to be new), Vivatar Wide Angle Lens with Macro, Selfie Stick, Colored Lenses with Case, Sigma High Power Zoom Lens, RCA Proview Recorder and a Minolta Auto Focus Lens
11 6064 150.00   ended
89 0089_t.jpg
Title:Money Clips
Five University of Mississippi Money Clips and one coin Money Clip
10 5858 20.00   ended
90 0090_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Small gold clock; gold compact; gold not pad with pencil; two rhinestone pins; three gold tone pins; book mark; money clip; vintage puzzle in case; handle of a magnifying glass; napkin holder and a child's money bank
7 1149 12.50   ended
98 0098_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
J. Misa Collection Porcelain Princess Diana doll; woven basket with vinyl stitched floral pattern and a large Chester floral pattern pitcher
3 1149 6.00   ended
100 0100_t.jpg
Title:Group of Collectibles
Guadalupe Driftwood carved Duck signed Dave Hughes; Sloan's Liniment Bottle; Vintage Calendar Picture; Bobble-head Figure (2 chips); Vintage Avon Catch a Fish perfume bottle; two decanters; Metal figure marked Jean Bart and a deer antler
6 1041 20.00   ended
101 0101_t.jpg
Title:Group of Collectibles
Vintage 1962 sealed bottles of Barsottini Chianti Italy; a wood duck; lock box missing key; a tambourine and a collection of political pins
2 6064 12.50   ended
104 0104_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Silver plate ice bucket with liner; small silver plate compote; Clear Glass Epergne Bowl; four "Chase" Sheffield Knives with floral detail; Three Rogers Bros Knives with pearlized handles and a twelve piece Cheese Knife Set
7 1041 21.00   ended
105 0105_t.jpg
Title:Group of Items
Large group of collectible bottles including Orange Crush; Elvis 15th year anniversary sealed coke; Acurite Wall Thermometer; wood drink case and two canisters of air rifle pellets
11 6089 25.00   ended

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