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31 0031_t.jpg
Group of ten Vintage Broaches
8 4033 17.50   ended
63 0063_t.jpg
Title:Holiday Theme Vintage Jewelry
Holiday Theme Vintage Jewelry-six pins and two pairs of pierced earrings
7 3443 20.00   ended
64 0064_t.jpg
Title:Puka Shell Necklace
Puka Shell Necklace and other shell necklaces and an Enamel Companion Necklace. 9 pieces
2 1078 6.00   ended
65 0065_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Three Strands of Pearls, Long Gold Heart Necklace, Long Silver Tiered Ball Necklace, Gold Owl Broach, Four Row Pearl Bracelet, Gold Moon and Star Pin and a pair of Large Gold Hoop Earrings. 10 pieces
6 4290 25.00   ended
66 0066_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Two Silver Bangle Bracelets, One Silver with Brown Stone Bracelet, Short Silver Box Chain Necklace, Short Bead and Turquoise Necklace, Beaded Necklace, Silver Ring with Blue Stone, Three pairs of Assorted Earrings. Silver Cross and Beaded Pin and Seven Assorted Pendants
6 6158 30.00   ended
67 0067_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Three Gold Necklaces with Matching Bracelet, Short Strand of Pearls, Multi Color Egg Necklace on Chord, Eye of the Tiger size 6 and a Gold Compact Case
4 4714 8.00   ended
68 0068_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
"Two Short Pearl Necklace, One Long Seeded Pearl Necklace, One Long Purple Glass Necklace, One Long Black, Gold and Purple
1 6085 5.00   ended
69 0069_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
White/Green Puka Shell Bracelet, Silver and Green Bracelet with Matching Ring, Green and Gold Beaded Necklace, Long Light Green Necklace, Glass Beaded Necklace, Multi Color Glass Bead Necklace, Gray and Silver Tone Beaded Necklace with Pendant, Gray and Gold Tone Bracelet, Long FauxPearl Necklace and a Short Pearl Necklace
2 4803 6.00   ended
70 0070_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Three Brown Stone Bracelet, Silver Cross on Silver Chain/Black Chord Necklace, Short Brown Bead Necklace, Two Wooden/Silver Cross Pendants, Two Stainless Steele Beaded Cross Necklaces, Black Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Religious Scenes on Each Bead and a Brown Beaded Bracelet
7 3430 25.00   ended
71 0071_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
18" Pearl Necklace;18" Gold Chain Necklace; Pair of Pearl Necklaces;Long Silver and Pearl Tassel Necklace; Pearl Bracelet; Triple Strand Pearl Necklace; Gold Compact and a Mother of Pearl Antique Compact. All pearls faux except for bracelet.
4 5210 15.00   ended
72 0072_t.jpg
Title:Group of Broaches
Large group of various style and color antique broaches. 14 pieces
5 4722 17.52   ended
73 0073_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
24" faux pearl necklace; short sterlijng and coral beaded necklace; short black and gold beaded necklace; white and gold beaded necklace; handmade pink necklace; blue & silver beaded necklace with pendant
1 1102 5.00   ended
74 0074_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Long rust color beaded necklace; white and floral beaded necklace; Rust and gold tone glass bead necklace; blue and silver beaded necklace; blue bracelet; mid century modern style white, gold and pearl necklace with matching bracelet and earrings.
1 4290 5.00   ended
75 0075_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Short necklace with large cream beads; long strand of faux pearls; caramel and gold tone beaded necklace with pendant and matching earrings; pearl and amber bracelet; long necklace with small purple beads; amber and silver bead necklace and a corded gold tone necklace
3 4290 10.00   ended
76 0076_t.jpg
Title:Group of Earrings
Large assortment of vintage clip on earrings. Various style and colors. 17 pieces
3 4290 12.00   ended
77 0077_t.jpg
Title:Group of Earrings
Group of vintage earrings with screw backs. Assorted style and colors. 12 pairs
2 4803 6.00   ended
79 0079_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Two pairs of cuff links; silver cross pendant; small crystal diamond shape paper weight and an assortment of sixteen vintage broaches. Assorted styles and colors
8 4803 24.50   ended
80 0080_t.jpg
Title:Group of Tie Bars
Assorted collection of Vintage Tie Bars. 21 pieces
1 4803 5.00   ended
81 0081_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Long double strand faux pearl necklace; brown beaded necklace; brown and gold tone necklace with gold leaf pendant; brown bead bracelet; black and pink bracelet with matching earrings; black and pink bead necklace; triple bead necklace and a short pearl necklace
1 4803 5.00   ended
82 0082_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Two mens belt buckles; two pocket watches; vintage cigarette case; silver Ram key chains; three mens watches and three Indian Head key chains
19 6226 125.00   ended
83 0083_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Pink flat bead and pearl necklace with matching bracelet; strand of pearls; silver and blue stone necklace; white floral bracelet; brown beaded necklace; blue white & silver bead necklace; pearl & blue twisted necklace; blue & white oriental style necklace; and matching bracelet and a pair of blue & white earrings
5 1004 12.50   ended
85 0085_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Small silver vintage perfume bottle; silver dinner bell; blue heart pendant necklace with matching earrings; assortment of six rings; small silver box and a silver pill box; ladies two tone watch and a silver and gold braided necklace
10 3430 50.00   ended
86 0086_t.jpg
Title:Cameo Jewelry
Assortment of Cameo earrings, pendants and pins. Eighteen pieces
13 2156 135.00   ended
87 0087_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Large assortment of Rhinestone Jewelry: bracelets, necklaces and bracelets
15 6226 106.00   ended
88 0088_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Short pearl necklace; gold necklace; gold & red stone flower motif necklace; silver & green stone earrings; screw back rhinestone earrings; purple stone ring and bracelet; gold & amber stone necklace; gold & green stone earrings; gold & green rhinestone necklace; gold mesh bracelet and a gold toggle chain bracelet
12 6226 45.00   ended
138 0138_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Group of eleven Vintage Bracelets, various styles; two glass bead necklaces and a Faux pearl three strand choker along with five rings; two military rings; a sterling silver ring; a smokey stone ring and a Tungsten wedding ring
7 3430 35.00   ended
139 0139_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Large group of Vintage costume jewelry-a black and gray glass bead necklace; a red and black and a black and white necklace; faux pearl necklaces; two bracelets and four pendant charms
5 1149 11.56   ended
140 0140_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Large group of Costume and Vintage Jewelry and a broken Crucifix Necklace
5 3430 20.00   ended
141 0141_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
Large group of Vintage Jewelry-Faux Pearl Necklaces; three Tennis Bracelets; broaches;Pendants and more
18 6226 90.00   ended
142 0142_t.jpg
Title:Group of Jewelry
14KT and Pearl Necklace along with two 14KT and Pearl Bracelets and a Sterling and Pearl Bracelet
8 3430 51.00   ended
171 0171_t.jpg
Title:Group of 12 Cameos, three necklaces and a Ladies Gruen Watch.
Watch missing cover
12 2156 95.00   ended

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