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Category: OUTDOOR DECOR (7 records) February Online Auction 2020 - February 9th at 5:00 pm to February 17th at 7:00 pm

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0528 0528_t.jpgtitle: Wrought Iron Patio Set
description: Wrought iron patio set, black painted, diamond pattern, patio table and four arm chairs.
5 6266 130.00   ended
0679 0679_t.jpgtitle: Four White Wrought Iron Patio Chairs
description: Four White Wrought Iron Patio Chairs, diamond pattern seats, arms.
3 4033 60.00   ended
0680 0680_t.jpgtitle: White Wrought Iron Patio Table
description: White Wrought Iron Patio Table, glass top.
1 4033 20.00   ended
0681 0681_t.jpgtitle: White Nest of Wrought Iron Outdoor Tables
description: White Nest of Wrought Iron Outdoor Table, diamond pattern top, assorted sized.
6 4033 22.52   ended
0772 0772_t.jpgtitle: Wrought Iron Outdoor Rack
description: Wrought Iron Outdoor Rack, four shelves plant rack.
10 6089 60.00   ended
0773 0773_t.jpgtitle: Metal Wire Storage Rack
description: Metal wire storage rack, for plants and outdoor decor.
3 2287 6.00   ended
0774 0774_t.jpgtitle: Metal Wire Planter Cart
description: Metal wire planter cart, three tier.
7 2921 45.00   ended

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