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0686 0686_t.jpgtitle: Vintage Needle Point Sampler
description: Vintage needle point sampler with animal designs, nice framed, 26"h., 26"w.
7 3114 150.00   ended
0698 0698_t.jpgtitle: Alphabet Needle Point Sampler 1962
description: Alphabet Needle Point Sampler 1962, framed, signed A.H.A, 25"h., 19"w.
9 4590 65.00   ended
0699 0699_t.jpgtitle: Needle Point Tapestry of Village
description: Needle Point Tapestry of Village, matted, framed, 24"h., 32"w.
9 3042 60.00   ended
0818 0818_t.jpgtitle: The Serpent Dance Needle Work Churinga
description: The Serpent Dance Needle Work Churinga, Australia, framed, 21"h., 16"w.
6 5737 10.00   ended
1256 1256_t.jpgtitle: Pair of Needle Point Silhouette Portraits
description: Pair of Needle Point Silhouette Portraits, oval framed, 12"h.
3 4887 30.00   ended
1263 1263_t.jpgtitle: Needlepoint Crochet Table Cloth
description: Needlepoint Crochet Table Cloth, good condition.
11 5527 30.00   ended
1266 1266_t.jpgtitle: Needle Point Artwork City Scene Framed
description: Needle Point Artwork City Scene Framed, 13"h., 17"w.
9 5737 30.00   ended

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